Dreaming Wide Awake: Are We Sleepwalking Through Parallel Universes?

Abang Edwin SA
3 min readFeb 14, 2024
A sky painted with three moons (Created using Adobe Firefly)

Forget lucid dreaming, folks. What if our nightly slumber isn’t a mere mental movie reel, but a cosmic Uber ferrying us to alternate realities? Buckle up, dreamweavers, because we’re about to dive down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Imagine: you’re soaring through a sky painted with three moons, befriending a talking cactus in a neon desert, or sipping tea with your deceased grandma in a celestial tea parlor. These aren’t just figments of your imagination; they could be glimpses into parallel universes, dimensions where the laws of physics are as flexible as a Salvador Dalí painting.

Think about it. Déjà vu, that eerie feeling of “been there, done that,” could be a glitch in the matrix, a memory bleed from another you in another reality. And those recurring dreams? Perhaps they’re not just anxieties on repeat, but echoes of your doppelganger facing similar struggles in their own dimension.

But hold on to your dreamcatcher, skeptics! This theory isn’t just some woo-woo bedtime story. Quantum physics throws a wrench into the deterministic nature of reality, suggesting the existence of multiple universes coexisting in a vast, mind-bending multiverse. So, our dreams could be the key to unlocking these hidden dimensions, doorways accessed through the subconscious mind.

Now, before you start booking interdimensional vacations, there are some kinks to iron out. How do we access these dream-scapes intentionally? Are there cosmic travel agents specializing in one-way trips to talking animal kingdoms? And what about the ethical implications of meddling with alternate realities? Do we risk throwing off the delicate balance of these parallel universes, creating a domino effect of chaos across the multiverse?

Perhaps the true beauty of this theory lies in its mystery. It throws open the doors of perception, inviting us to question the very nature of reality and the limits of our own minds. So, the next time you find yourself flying through a technicolor dreamscape, don’t dismiss it as a figment. It could be your passport to a universe of infinite possibilities, waiting to be explored. Just remember, pack your sense of wonder and a healthy dose of skepticism, because in the multiverse, anything is possible, even if it all unfolds in the blink of an eye, while you’re fast asleep. Sweet, interdimensional dreams!

This experimental writing is aimed at practicing my storytelling more freely. I wrote it in Indonesian first to be able to maintain the freedom of the story before I finally translated it into English, after deliberately choosing an unusual topic so that I could highlight the creativity in telling the story.

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