Witnessing the Unfolding Marvel: OpenAI’s SORA Text-to-Video Application

Abang Edwin SA
3 min readFeb 16, 2024

Surprising new technologies are commonplace, and today I am surprised by the release of OpenAI’s newest masterpiece, SORA. As someone who has been paying close attention to the development of AI, seeing SORA come into being feels like entering a future that seemed far away, if not completely impossible.

The idea of a text-to-video app was thought to be something out of science fiction until lately. It seemed like an impossible dream to think that someone could just type in text and have it turned into a coherent movie representation. Though, here we are, with SORA busting down walls and changing what AI is capable of.

The amazing things that SORA can do are truly amazing. When you give this amazing app a few lines of text, it can make high-quality videos that not only capture the heart of the text but also show a level of creativity and finesse that is truly amazing. SORA is very good at everything, from easy descriptions to long, complicated stories.

SORA stands out not only because it can make movies very quickly, but also because it knows how to give them a real feel and emotional impact. Each video feels like a work of art that was carefully made to make you feel a certain way and explain a complicated idea. It’s almost like SORA has found the key to knowing how people express themselves and be creative.

In my opinion, SORA’s growth is truly mind-boggling as someone who has seen AI technology change over the years. It shows how the smart people at OpenAI are always looking for new ways to do things and be the best they can be. The limits of what AI can do are pushed further with each new discovery. This opens up a world of options that were once thought to be impossible.

Of course, when big steps forward are made, questions and worries about what they mean for society as a whole arise. SORA could be used for a lot of different things, from fun and games to business and learning and more. But it’s important to be careful and aware when using this or any other strong technology to make sure that its benefits are used for the greater good.

Below are examples of videos produced using SORA (along with the prompts used)

In conclusion, the release of SORA is yet another important step forward in the development of AI technology. It reminds us once more of the huge potential we have at our fingertips. One thing is for sure: the future is here and it is even more amazing than we could have imagined. We are on the verge of a new era marked by invention and discovery.

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